Stroke Awareness at Professional Baseball Games to Spread The F.A.S.T Message

It's amazing when you consider that you could fill roughly 15 major league baseball stadiums with the amount of people who suffer from stroke every year. That's about 800,000 stroke victims. It's sad to think that so many of those strokes could have been prevented. It's even more sad to consider that many of the survivors of stroke suffer  needlessly from long term deficits. It truly doesn't have to be this way. We can radically reduce  number of strokes  through stroke education and awareness of the simple but highly effective F.A.S.T. message. Strike Out Stroke is the national stroke awareness effort designed to save lives and reduce the affects of stroke. Through major and minor league baseball events around the country, Strike Out Stroke is at the forefront  in educating America on the warning signs of stroke. Watch this compelling video chronicling the remarkable journeys of 4 stroke survivors who are thriving today because someone around them knew to act FAST. For more information about the warning signs of stroke and our Strike Out Stroke events, please explore our website in further detail.