Strike Out Stroke was born out of the non-profit organization, Retreat and Refresh Stroke Camp (www.strokecamp.org). Stroke Camps began 10 years ago by Marylee Nunley and her husband John, a stroke survivor, who recognized the need for a weekend of relaxation, pampering, support, and camaraderie for stroke survivors, their families, and their care-givers. Since Stroke Camps humble beginning 10 years ago, it has grown to reach 12 states and continues to grow every camp season.

Through their work, Marylee and Larry Schaer, another Camp founder, found there was a great need in stroke education across the country, and thus the idea for Strike Out Stroke was born five years ago. The simple mission of Strike Out Stroke is to spread the F.A.S.T message across the country and greatly increase the number of stroke survivors who get to the hospital in time to get life-saving treatment. Strike Out Stroke continues to grow every summer, reaching over 20 professional baseball markets along with planning and creating new stroke awareness campaign across the country.

Quick Facts 

  • Started with one weekend retreat in 2004
  • Stroke Survivors and Caregivers have a life changing experience
  • Campers travel great distances to participate in camp
  • In 2007, a non-profit was created to allow expansion
  • Expansion allowed Retreat & Refresh Stroke Camp to go “to the people”
  • Survivors and Caregivers wanted to educate the public about stroke
  • In 2009, Fifth Grade Education Programs and Strike Out Stroke™ events were born
  • Strike Out Stroke™ Events expanded to include major and minor league baseball games nationwide
  • MegaBrain™ events with the Stroke Learning Center added to the education experience
  • At the close of 2013, a total of 85 camps in 12 states have been held

 Meet The Players –


Retreat and Refresh Stroke Camp Office – Peoria, Illinois 

Founder/ Executive Director – Marylee Nunley – marylee@strokecamp.org

Larry Schaer – larry@strokecamp.org

Lauren Kramer – lauren@strokecamp.org

Strike Out Stroke is a national non-profit (501c3) dedicated to stroke awareness and education. Strike Out Stroke is a copyrighted trademark of Retreat and Refresh Stroke Camp.